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About BeforeCoinMarketCap

 BeforeCoinMarketCap is a platform for tracking initial placement of tokens, and audit of valid tokens with small volume. Our platform rewards users of valuable information and tokens of own ecosystem tokens.

 The main is TIME. All crypto enthusiasts know how much time spends for tracking every token, which located in your wallet or exchanger. Eternal questions: "where trades token, when day of listing, or maybe token come into another blockchain etc." Answer on these questions can be find on our platform. You won't have to check much of tokens to find yours among huge of announcements. Just enter your wallet address and you will get all information about your tokens. Besides, you can fix your tokens from different exchanges on your panel. We work on Ethereum blockchain for now, but we will work with every tokens soon.

 We give opportunity for everybody to get their earned money. We will report place, time and date of order listing for you. Our platform gives you opportunities to make decisions in time. Research, which made with several platforms show us that saving time will increase the portfolio of a crypto activist. Users will get time for new researches and promotion to new projects. That means users got more chances to earn money.

 We do not operate as a Coinmarketcap Company. The name underlines our distinctive business. Our job is to maintain a token or a coin from the moment of their creation, until they enter the Coinmarket, or will be removed from all exchanges, that is as soon as the Coinmarketcap starts to display this or that token, we stop any audit on it. In the future, we hope to cooperate with the Coinmarketcap Company to build a Global Cryptocurrency search engine.