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  1. What is BeforeCoinMarketCap.
  2. Roadmap.
  3. Team.
  4. Development.

1. What is BeforeCoinMarketCap

It is a daily planner platform where you can find up-to-date infor-mation about the tokens you are interested in. Saving your time is our main goal. At the same time, you can earn daily tokens of our eco-system by submitting announcements and a referral program. We position ourselves as a platform for crypto-enthusiasts. For peo-ple who every day earn tokens of different projects by advertising them in their social networks through Airdrop and Bounty. Our team is working for you 24x7. With your cooperation we will fill the platform with the most up-to-date information that will be useful for you . Your cooperation will help us in achieving new heights.

BeforeCoinMarketCap is a platform that has no analogues in the crypto currency world. It will occupy a market segment that will audit and track existing and newly created crypto currencies.

You no longer have to view a huge number of tokens to find your own among a pile of channel announcements. Just enter the ad-dress of your wallet, and you will receive full information about your tokens, moreover you can fix the tokens from various exchanges on your panel.

The social significance of the BeforeCoinMarketCap project is that every participant in the crypto currency world can save their time and receive maximum income for their work or contribution made to the development of any projects that are related to crypto currency. Moreover, by doing so, they positively affect the entire assessment of the crypto industry.

The direction that we carry out has no competitors. The only similar project that exists now is CoinMarketCap and its various replicas, but they are not our competitors. They perform the task of tracking tokens that have a large trading volume. However, crypto enthusi-asts and crypto investors already know these tokens because most of them are already traded on the exchange and all Airdrop, Bounty and ICO projects have long been completed. We, on the other hand also provide information about zero trading values, listing, start trad-ing and trading. The advantage of our platform is that we work indi-vidually with each user. Our BeforeCoinMarketCap runs your tokens daily and you will always be aware of all important events happening with your tokens.

First, our target audience will be crypto enthusiasts and thanks to their work, all crypto projects of the world will become known. De-spite their contribution to the development of crypto currencies around the world, they still cannot receive the promised money for the work done or the amount of remuneration received is not worth the time spent on passing Airdrop and Bounty. Time is the main re-source of any living being; we suggest saving it together for you and at the same time earning tokens of our eco system by submitting an announcement or using a referral system. The benefits for the in-vestors of our project will be very significant. The aim of our project is not only to benefit from purchases at the ICO stages; there will also be the possibility of staking the token of our eco system (its structure is described above). In the future, at the launch stage of People IEO, it is planned to buy off tokens that are already traded on exchanges and then burn them. In return, it will lead to an increase in the exchange rate of BCMC1 and at the same time will also result in additional income for the holders of our token. The number of to-kens that will be issued for submitting correct announcements and attracting people by referral link will be regulated, depending on the market price of BCMC1 and will be equal to a certain amount in dol-lar equivalent most of the time.

The functionality of the BeforeCoinMarketCap platform is the following:

  1. Possibility to submit announcements (only for verified users). (Announce).
  2. Ability to view all relevant token information contained specifi-cally in each user's individual wallets. First, it means you signifi-cantly save your time to search for track and act on tokens (for all users).
  3. Staking tokens of our eco system (for the owners of tokens of our eco system) (staking).
  4. The possibility of voting for the best staking (only for verified us-ers). (Best Deal). 
  5. In addition, in the future our platform will vote for people IEO (Peo-ple IEO) (only for verified users). (People IEO). 

While visiting our platform the first request that you will face is to view the cookies files. It is done only for your convenience while vis-iting our platform again. The next step is registration. You must fill in four columns: username, email address, password and repeat password. Then, after entering the captcha, you must scan the QR code using an automatic identification application such as Google Authenticator on your phone or by downloading extensions for the Authenticator browser and using the manual code entry below. Then the application generates the key to enter in the column below. This is the end of registration. After some time you will be sent a notifica-tion to confirm your email address. After going through it you may find yourself on the login page where you log in to your account by entering your login and password. After that, we’ll ask you for permission to send letters to the mailbox actions on our platform and use your IP address for your GDPR se-curity.

Then you can go to your profile for verification. For this, you need to fill in the following fields:

  1. Country.
  2. Document type.
  3. Document number.
  4. Full name.

The next step is to upload two photos. The first photo will show the front page of your ID document. On the second photo you should be seen holding the identification document with the number clearly visible, also a sheet of paper on which "BeforeCoinMarketCap" is written, there should be a date, and your signature resembling the one in the identification document. After that, you will get an answer to your e-mail.

Platform functionality:

  1. Window "Airdrop round one" will take you to google form for passing Airdrop.  
  2. The Purchase window will let you buy tokens of our eco system.  
  3. Best Deal Window (launch date - 4th quarter of 2021)   
  4. Staking Window (launch date – 1st quarter of 2021)  
  5. People IEO Window (launch date – 2nd quarter of 2021)  
  6. "Profile" window where you can change the password, see a unique referral link. On the same page, you can re-agree to the use of your GDPR data, and it is also possible to completely delete your account from our platform.  
  7. "Balance" window will show you the number of tokens that you earned by passing Airdrop Company, by submitting announcements and for referrals. The number of tokens earned for certain actions over time can be regulated in one direction or another.  
  8. "Ethereum" window will carry out tokens and coins issued on the Ethereum block chain.  
  9. Tron window will be launch according to the roadmap.  
  10. All Window (launch date – 3rd quarter of 2021)  
  11. "Fixed" window will allow you to fix the tokens that are located on different exchanges and platforms.  
  12. "Announce" window. Here you can submit an announcement on any token if you have passed verification on our platform. It is easy to make an announcement. You specify a token ticker that has some of the following actions: Start trade, Trade, Listing, Mistake, Transition block chain or swap and additions. If the user submits five incorrect announcements, he will be blocked for 10 days. The announcement can be submitted once at a fixed time; the interval of the announcement will decrease over time. If an announcement is submitted for a certain ticker, it will be possible to submit announcements for this token only after checking it by the administrator.

    A. Start trade - this is a listing of a token on an exchange with a specific start date for trading on it, which is reported by a particular exchange.
    B. Trade - this is when a token is already traded on any of the exchanges.
    C. Listing is an enumeration of the token to the exchange. It is not trade yet. This item gives time for preparation. Register if you have not already registered in this exchange. Pass KYC if required by the exchange, etc.
    D. Mistake means that actions with a token that have ever occurred have been terminated and this token is not listed anywhere and any actions on it are simply not possible. Either it simply does not match the correct data.
    E. Transition block chain or swap means switching to another block chain or replacing an existing token with another one within one block chain.
    F. Additions, these are additions only for Dex and DeFi tokens. When submitting an announcement by setting this status for a token, you inform that it belongs to this segment.

  13. "Withdrawal" window will let you display the tokens you earned with covering a commission that will be regulated according to GAS (GWEI).  
  14. "Search" window will allow you to enter the address of your wallet and view the status of all tokens stored there. If there is no token or its status, when you pass the verification, you will have the right to submit an announcement, for which you will be rewarded with tokens of our eco system. The number of tokens for correct announcements will be regulated over time.

Tokens and coins that are listed on CoinMarketCap site have a di-rect link to it; by clicking on it, you will receive full information about these tokens. We stop auditing the token as soon as it is highlighted on the message.

Those projects that are absent on the CoinMarketCap for some rea-son, but are traded on certain exchange have direct references to them and the status Trade. We are not CoinMarketCap, our task is to show where you can buy or sell a particular token or coin even if it shows about zero trading volumes.

Our platform lists Dex tokens and DeFi, so we would like to warn you about such trading sites as Dex and DeFi systems. Anyone can create an ERC20 token on Ethereum with any name, including fake versions, existing tokens and tokens that claim to represent projects that do not have a token and are trying to sell them on DEX. They do not have that listing. Tokens are not checked. In short: no one is re-sponsible for anything. Be sure and do your research.

2. Roadmap

Due to the unstable situation in the world (COVID-19), we specifical-ly indicate in the roadmap not a specific date, but a quarter in order not to postpone the launch dates of each stage of our platform. Be-fore the launch of each stage of the roadmap of our platform, we will announce in advance.

3. Team

We have assembled a team of professionals who are always glad to help you. Unfortunately, the government of our country has not yet decided on its attitude towards crypto currencies and ICOs, so we cannot declare ourselves in open form but this does not prevent us from working in real time. We can always change our jurisdiction. Thank you for your understanding. We are open to the world and want to make it a little easier and better. Using our platform, you save your time and can find yourself in something new. We work for you and with you to ensure that each user of our platform receives the necessary information to earn only in a few clicks.

4. Development

The development of our company will follow the roadmap. It is estimated until early 2022. We believe there is no limit to improve-ment, every day we will work with you to improve our platform. We do not plan to stop after the completion of the work indicated in the roadmap. We work for the future, and not for instant enrichment. You can look in the smart contract 0X... about it. Team payment will be 13% 1,300,000,000 BCMC1. These tokens will be placed in 4 wallets and will be blocked for 3 years. In the first year, 10% of the total num-ber of tokens will be unlocked, which will be 1.3% of the total token emission. For the second year, another 20% of tokens from the re-maining 90% will be unlocked. In the third year, the total number of blocked tokens will be 50%. Thus, Team payment tokens will not enter the market in large volumes and will not waste the BCMC1 rate on the exchange. This shows that the goal of our project is not to enrich the team at the expense of investors and crypto enthusiasts. We want to give everyone the opportunity to earn money and look forward to many years of cooperation and rapid growth of our project. We have far-reaching plans and in the near future you are waiting for 2 more novelties under the label (Top secret), see the Road map. Due to the risk of plagiarism, we conduct all developments in the strictest secret. We are confident that these innovations on our platform will help a lot of crypto enthusiasts replenish their capital.