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Earn staking rewards on BeforeCoinMarketCap with BCMC1

Our soft-staking program allows you to easily generate rewards by simply holding your BCMC1 tokens on BeforeCoinMarketCap. Staking rewards can be as high as 21% APY. Please read the FAQs for details. BCMC1
1 Year — 21% (1,75%/month)
6 Month — 18% (1,5%/month)
3 Month — 15% (1,25%/month)

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Is there a minimum/maximum BCMC1 token holdings requirement to start staking?
    Ans: The minimum deposit require is 10,000 BCMC1, there is No maximum.
  2. Can I send BCMC1 tokens from Exchange platforms?
    Ans: NO! You can only deposit tokens from your personal wallet. Do not send BCMC1 tokens from Exchange platforms.
  3. Do I need any verification to participate in staking?
    Ans: NO! You do not need any identity verification to participate in staking.
  4. Do I have to pay fees to use this service?
    Ans: NO! The staking service is totally free.
  5. Is it safe and how does BeforeCoinMarketCap stake my BCMC1 tokens?
    Ans: Yes, it is safe! The staked BCMC1 tokens never leave our cold wallets. To further minimize risk (e.g., from slashing and to ensure we can accommodate withdrawals). Every digital token has its own way of implementing the staking mechanic, but the process usually begins with us using our cold wallet funds. Staking provides a layer of governance to its network participants which helps to make the network more secure and for that, participants are rewarded.
  6. Will I still be able to withdraw my staked tokens?
    Ans: NO! Staked tokens are “locked” for a period of time, depending on the duration you choose.